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Francis Harold and the Holograms "The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla" 12" EP PURPLE VINYL



The final 12" from Arizona drug lords Francis Harold and the Holograms. This is the final statement from Francis Harold and it starts off with the catchiest riff the band has ever written as the song slowly descends into the madness of Francis Harold's mind. The song then degenerates into a stripped down version of it's former self where it then incorporates noise pedals, piano, and trumpet dragging the listener into the final phase of the record. From what I was told by the band, Francis decided to destroy the equipment while they were recording, so if you listen closely you can hear Francis smashing his amps and pedals into oblivion. The band then disintegrated after this recording session and will not be heard from again.

Second pressing on PURPLE vinyl limited to 300 copies.

Free download here:

Francis Harold and the Holograms The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla" 12" EP