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Stoic Violence "S/T" 12"



Debut 12" from this brand new southern California band. After a well received raw demo, the band decided to go a completely different route with recording techniques and entered a proper studio. The result of that session is presented here, eight songs of biting, hate-filled USHC executed to perfection. All the noisier elements of the demo tape are gone, instead the band opted for a clean, clear sound to grasp the full power of their sound. Chainsaw guitars, unhinged, out-of-control drumming, an incredibly fuzzy bass, and self-loathing vocals. The New Wave of USHC is here. Mixed at Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth, mastered and cut by Josh Bonati.

Artwork by Eugene.

A split release with Katorga Works.

Free download here: Stoic Violence 12"

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